बस खुद की तलाश करता हुँ

खुद को खुद में ही खोना चाहता हुँ

ये जो उलफते है ना इनसे  दूर होना चाहता हुँ

क्योंकि अब खुद की तलाश करता हुँ।

खुद में भी एक दुनिया है जिससे दुँढता फिरता हुँ

कही गुम न हो जाउ इसलिए लिखता हुँ

लगता है थोड़ा-थोड़ा खुद को समझने लगा हुँ

 क्योंकी अब खुद की तलाश करता हुँ।

आप सभी को ढेर सारा प्यार  और कृप्या रखे अपना ख्याल  

शुभ रात्रि…………☺


Ground met sky

When the ground felt like it has been broken
darkness arrived and atmosphere became freak
blowing breeze,dust and leaves all together silently screamed.
Nobody came for help suddenly he saw something floating above,a cloud
which understand his pain.
She stared on him
for a short while and
then kissed him with her tears,distance between ground and sky got disappeared.

Blue Sky Tag Blog Award

I still remember the day i joined wordpres,it was 8th May and now i have got my first award😇.Thank you my fellow bloggers for your love and support.

I would like to thank Shayar_AV for nominating me for this award well I never expected that I will get any award😀.Dear readers you must follow his blog he is an awesome blogger as well as a lovely person.

  • Now, 

  • Rules :

For Blue Sky Tag Blog :

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

  • As per rule, I thank Shayar_AV for nominating for the award.
  • My nominations are:

  1. Heart to soul,Bhavika 24
  2. Clouded thoughts,Vaibhav
  3. Avdesh Dadhich
  4. A learning poet
  5. Simple Ula
  6. Rekha Sahay
  7. Pawan Belala
  8. Sameer,Random thoughts
  9. Fetinatwinkle
  10. The spirit keeper
  11. Pardeep Nain
  12.  रंगबिरंगे विचार

Questions and answers asked by me😜

Q:What is the worst incident of your life?

Ans:I don’t remember😉.

Q:What is the best incident of your life?

Ans:When I born😊.

Q:By whom you fear most?


Q:What will you say me as a blogger?

Ans:You are a lovely and sweet blogger and I love to read your posts.

Q:According to u,the demerit of my blog?

Ans:I didn’t found any demerit.

Q:Which is the one post by me u like the most?

Ans:Suraj or pahad

Q:Write your thoughts about love.

Ans:Love is a silent meeting of two souls.

Q:Write your favourite movie,celebrity,film,sportsmen.

Ans:The jungle book,Shahrukh Khan,Rahul dravid.

Q:What’s the craziest moment of your life?

Ans:Really don’t know but hope to make a crazy moment in future😀.

Q:If you get the chance in past,which one thing you like to change?

Ans:Myself which I am doing presently.

Q:Your favourite Indian food?

Ans:Gajar ka halwa😍

  • Now answer my questions

  1. Why you write?
  2. Which is your favourite place?
  3. Who is closest to your heart?
  4. What you think about yourself?
  5. Most painful moment of your life?
  6.  Your favourite food?
  7. Most beautiful moment of your life
  8. Any wish which you want to see in reality?
  9. Your favourite book?
  10. Any person you want to meet?
  11. Name anything which you hate the most.

ऐसा क्यों होता है?

जब भी दिल कुछ कहता है
सुनने वाला कोई भी न मिलता है
खुद को सुनाओ तो यार मौसम ही बदल जाता है
अचानक न जाने बारिश क्यो होने लगता है
कभी कभी तो बाढ़ आने का भी डर लगा रहता है

आखिर ऐसा क्यों होता है
आखिर ऐसा क्यों होता है?


Standing in the desert searching here and there,
thirsty throat adviced him not to walk anymore dear.
Feeling tired,falling apart though he was walking very hard,
suddenly he saw a beautiful mirage
the closer he goes
the farther she went,
With each and every walk, she helped him to reach the heaven.

क्यों ना?

क्यों न आज थोड़ा खुद से गुफ्तगु कर ले,
क्यों न आज अपने दुखों से अंजान बन जाएँ,
क्यों न पल भर के लिए ही सही
जिंदगी से मुलाकात कर ले।

क्यों न अपने वहादत पे नाज करे,
क्यों न दुसरों को छोड़ अपनी सुने,
क्यों न पल भर के लिए ही सही
जिंदगी से मुलाकात कर ले।