Flower said to Plant

“I fear to bloom because someone will pluck me and after few days I will die” said flower.
Plant said “no you can’t say this if you will not bloom then bees will die.What will I give them to eat.They need nectar and pollen to survive which can be only given by you.That is why I want you to bloom.”

Everything is connected and dependent.

©Paradoxical Introvert


The Wise Professor…………

Boundless Blessings by Kamal


One day in a well-known University, a Sr. Psychology Professor started his class on a very serious topic. The moment he turned towards the blackboard, one of the students whistled. He turned, looked at the class and asked the whistler’s name. As usual and as expected no one answered. The Professor peacefully kept the pen in his pocket and picked up his bag. Saying that, the lecture ends here and that was enough for the day, he started moving towards the gate of the class. All the students were overjoyed to be free. Then he suddenly stopped and turned towards the class, kept his bag on the table and said, ‘I will tell you a story to utilize the remaining time’. Everyone became interested.

‘It so happened that yesterday night I tried hard to sleep, but it was miles away from my eyes, so I thought I would better…

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Dear 2018,

Hey!I am grateful to you.I have got another year to spend time with my loved ones and create beautiful memories with them just because of you.I don’t know how you are going to effect my life but I am ready for every challenge you will bring so be careful.I will ruin you but in a beautiful way.

Wish all of you a very happy and a glorious new year.May all your dreams come true and life showers bundle of happiness on you and your family.

May the warmth of love melt the hate,
may happiness blooms everywhere,
may the light within you swallow the darkness,
may the life drizzles blessings on you,
may the trouble you will face burst like bubble,
may you shed withered memories and allow new to grow.


Need break

It’s time to get lost in my own world as I have to do some work and read few books.I am learning to manage my time and myself.I will be back after few days.“You need you more than anyone else,always keep in mind and first lead yourself before leading others”.

“Loneliness adds beauty to life.It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better”-Henry Rollins

Keep blogging and have a wonderful month.Take care.


Rejection an Injection

When you are ill with arrogance,overconfidence,weakness,lack of strength,not knowing who you are then life will give you an injection in such a way that you will never forget it.Believe me it will cure yoir disease and it’s necessary yar(friend) after all who doesn’t wants to be fit?

Do you know the story of Stephen King?He is an American author of supernatural fiction,fantasy,science fiction,horror and suspense.He wrote his first novel named “Carrie” which faced 30 rejections and then he decided to close his plan for the book.His wife encouraged him to complete and resubmit the manuscript and finally his book got published by Doubleday.He accepted $2500 advance for his first novel.

So it doesn’t matter how many rejections you face in life,keep moving,stay happy and never give up.Trust yourself,you can😉.


Being you

“An important attribute of success is to be yourself.Never hide,what makes you,you.”-Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi.

You know what’s difficult in this world.I think it’s being yourself.If you can do it then you can do anything.

  • It’s Ok if people don’t like you.Like yourself.
  • It’s Ok if people don’t love you.Love yourself.
  • It’s Ok if people don’t support you.Support yourself.
  • It’s Ok if people don’t accept you.Accept yourself.
  • It’s Ok if people don’t believe on your dream.Believe yourself.

It’s Ok to be yourself.

It’s better to be hated by being yourself than being loved by being someone else.


When nature sings

Evening it was

when I heard a beautiful voice


yes silence i thought,

Ganga’s silence

said my heart

yes it was,I knew.

Singing she was

a euphonious song

which I never heard before.

Sitting still and listening,

feeling and dancing,

but worried a little

because dusk wanted to sleep

and I want more to listen.

Swallowing the sun rays 

stars begin to twinkle,

listening the music

birds are rapturing

saplings swaying

and enjoying the panorama

lone drifting boat.