Pretty Ugly


Words by her soul

Wailed,yelled,cried loudly as I can,
wrap me in your arms mumma,
my soul still cry with pain.
How so brutal they can be?
please ask them once abbu,
far from you all,
I went,
still I need you.
Whom should I blame?
religion or them
or myself,for being a girl?
Ask this questions from,
who call them as humans.
Me, not a human anymore,
but will never forget what they did.
Again it will not happen with someone’s her,that’s what I wish

~Asifa Bano

We are sorry Asifa.

I think being a human is worst, humanity doesn’t exist anymore.

©Paradoxical Introvert

Words where you gone?

I forgot to teach them
how to swim,
avoid going to watery grave,
and so obstinate
they didn’t listened to me.
Without knowing how deep the sea
they left the shore and jumped in.
I shouted where you are going
but it was too late,they left.

Words,can you hear me
where are you?
Come back please
I miss you.
Your beloved is waiting here,
if you didn’t came
I will leave too.

©Paradoxical Introvert

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