Pretty Ugly


Words by her soul

Wailed,yelled,cried loudly as I can,
wrap me in your arms mumma,
my soul still cry with pain.
How so brutal they can be?
please ask them once abbu,
far from you all,
I went,
still I need you.
Whom should I blame?
religion or them
or myself,for being a girl?
Ask this questions from,
who call them as humans.
Me, not a human anymore,
but will never forget what they did.
Again it will not happen with someone’s her,that’s what I wish

~Asifa Bano

We are sorry Asifa.

I think being a human is worst, humanity doesn’t exist anymore.

©Paradoxical Introvert

Life is changing but me?

After going through all bullshits there was a little fight between my heart and mind.I decided to listen to mind and avoid being in love.But in these two-three months of loneliness I have learnt about freelancing and earning some bucks.Frankly saying earning doesn’t make me happy.Why I am earning only I know.Beside that the knowledge and quest for entrepreneur is still going on.I am learning new skills and trying to get new ideas.There is something in which I know I can do better.But there is a different kind of happiness in creating an impact in the world and bring a change.

Before I was shy but now(jivit ho gaya hai cupid)naughty.Today also I have same attitude and arrogant.Though I know when to be humble and down to earth.Without myself I can’t imagine my life.

Thank you all for the support and love.Stay happy and keep smiling.Take care of your health:-)

©Paradoxical Introvert

Difficult to imagine life without you

No matter how plain a woman may be,if truth and honesty are written across her face,she will be beautiful: Eleanor Roosevelt

Women is the most beautiful, finest and strongest creature ever made by god. Even though if I thought to be one,I can’t.The sacrifices you make to keep others happy, the pain you hide behind your smile is the most beautiful thing I ever know.As a mother she had feed and nurtured me.I really felt too comfortable there in 9 months even when there was darkness.It never haunted me.She taught me the lessons to live the life and face the cruelity happily.How you done this mummy(mother)?

Sister an irritating creature isn’t it?The bond a brother and sister share with each is other is incomparable.She fights,teases and hides every secrets in her heart.If you have one then love her,fight with her and make her feel that how much beautiful (rare) and how much she matters to you.One she will l that void which will never be filled again.

When a man is at his lowest the only thing he needs a support. Someone hold his hand and teaches him to love,suddenly he rise in life.Love has power to do so.As a wife she handles a man and make him a better human being.She will love your imperfection just to make you perfect.She leave everything just for you and for your love.Show your love with your actions and make her feel that she is the one who changed your life.Be open and exude your feelings.

Love and adore her,respect her and protect her.Never forget that she gave you birth,she grow with you and she born for you.

Happy women’s day to all the beauties and cuties.Thank you so much for being in our life.Without you we are nothing but with you there is love, support, care, sacrifices and endless happiness.

© Paradoxical Introvert

You have the power to make

“You can use your energy to spread the darkness of destruction or you can use it to spread the joy of light to millions”

There might come a point when you’ll feel lonely.That is when your creativity will be like your best friend”

Shahrukh Khan

Live your passion
chase your dreams,
don’t give up
it’s your turn,
use it fully
give your best,
don’t you forget
who you are,
why you begin
why you fought.
how you crushed obstacles
to move freely and travel
the way to your goal,
the way to your dream,
the way to your aim,
don’t forget that.
don’t forget that.

©Paradoxical Introvert

Love between me and you

I don’t want to get close
just wanted to be closer to you,
is there any place
under the stars and moon
where I can meet you alone
exuding my feelings,
showing my emotions to you.
How easily you left
without even bidding bye?
Today I came here again
let’s freeze the time,
avoid the world,
give me some moments
to show the magic of love.

Look above my love
how beautiful the scenery is
please wake up
spend the night with me.
You will be back,
I always hope so
your smile,your anger
yes I miss all those
that’s why I come here daily
to feel the essence of your love.
Your grave reminds me
the unrequited love between us.

© Paradoxical Introvert

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