I Worry for nothing

Nothing I have to worry

poverty,hunger aren’t so scary

Yes,I starve so what?

Still I smile,still I laugh

I play with my sister and doll

together we,enjoy the most.

Come spend some time with me

promising,you will be very happy.

We get the education

a teacher teaches,

life educates us each day.



“Everyone can tell you the risk.An Entrepreneur can see the reward”-Robert Kiyosaki

What you seeks,seeking you

delve into yourself,

incarcerated within you

craving for thou.


there in the dark

lives an adroit soul

waiting of your light’s spark.

What exist,remain hidden from eyes

to find,requires distant sight.

“Everyone has a purpose in life…a unique gift or special talent to give to others.And when we blend this unique talent with service to others,we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit,which is the ultimate goal of all goals.”- Deepak Chopra

©Just a dreamer

Dare to fail

If you believe in yourself then anything is possible.Never allow failure to destroy you.Sometimes it’s better to do nothing and that’s Ok.Learn to rest not to quit.Know your limits and then push yourself to break that limit.If you will not do then who?Dream big and enjoy life.

Be that drop of water

which fall,splash and flow

not something 

which fall,broke and spread.

Keep your attitude high 

leave your comfort zone

dare to fly

this sky is yours.

Have patience,believe in yourself

move freely and

keep in mind

you can and you will touch the sky.

Don’t doubt on yourself 

have no fear 

find your real self,

let the world see

who you are my dear!

Never feel alone

when time is tough

god is always with you

keep doing your own work.

Wait for the time

everything will be all right

be a warrior and fight.

When you fail

a lesson you will learn

move on then with it

and take a new turn.

It’s your game,it’s your life

play and define it in your own way.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;ask yourself what makes you come alive.And then go and do that.Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”-Harold Whitman

A good traveller has no fixed plan and is not intent on arriving-Lao Tzu


Don’t hurt me

Don’t you think I am fool?

One who give you so much 

strive to exist ,

One who keeps who alive

strive to live.

Dear humans

I also have feelings and emotions

I also cry when i got cut

why don’t you understand this?

You get fruits,you get shadow

in the return it’s the pain which I swallow,

from morning to night I work hard

and in few minutes my world fall apart.

Hey you I am talking to you humans,

don’t you think I am fool?

Just my thought

True happiness comes when you choose to be you and do what makes you happy instead of listening to others but sometimes listening to others leads you at that place where you don’t even thought to go.I think that life is ironical.Afterall there are two sides of a coin one which you want to see and one which you really see isn’t it?


I think but don’t want to tell
I feel but don’t want to express
I imagine but don’t want to show
who am I,do you know?
I dance but don’t want to take step
I sing but don’t want to recite
I live but don’t want to die
Who am I do you know?
I walk but don’t want to move
I fly but don’t want to feel tired
I jump but don’t want to get hurt
Who am I do you know?

मेरी नन्ही चिड़िया

आयी थी एक नन्ही चिड़िया हमारी दुनिया में
थी बहुत प्यारी और मासुम
बनती फिरती थी वो सबकी दादी-नानी
थी मेरी नन्ही चिड़ीया बहुत ही सयानी।

बड़ा लाड़-प्यार से पाला था उसे
हर पल उसके साथ रहा
मेरी हर खुशी जुड़ी थी उससे
वही थी मेरी दुनिया वही थी मेरा जहांन।

पंख जो निकल आए उसके
तो लगी थी थोड़ा फड़फड़ाने
मैने कहा रूक जाओ अभी मत उड़ना
नही समझेंगे तुम्हे ये दुनियावाले।

बीत गए वो दिन बीत गयी वो बाते
अब मेरी नन्ही चिड़िया
उड़ती फिरती है उमुक्त गगन में
और मैं बैठा रहता हुं यहाँ उसके इंतजार में।


Drowned in the ocean of love
body is shivering
mind isn’t working
don’t have any idea
what’s actually happening.

Deeper the ocean is
calmer her soul
feeling like i am dying
don’t know how to cope.

Just when I thought
i will come out
ocean sweetly whispered
please don’t go out…….

Look my friend

Look my friend how moon and stars

shining and twinkling in the silent dark night 

with flowing cold breeze and your company

I am enjoying this midnight.

Sit stable here and silent be 

listen the music of nature

I believe that now 

you will feel better.

Dear darkness,request you to kindly

take care of my beloved friend

as the time of parting has come

we will never meet again.