Rejection an Injection

When you are ill with arrogance,overconfidence,weakness,lack of strength,not knowing who you are then life will give you an injection in such a way that you will never forget it.Believe me it will cure yoir disease and it’s necessary yar(friend) after all who doesn’t wants to be fit?

Do you know the story of Stephen King?He is an American author of supernatural fiction,fantasy,science fiction,horror and suspense.He wrote his first novel named “Carrie” which faced 30 rejections and then he decided to close his plan for the book.His wife encouraged him to complete and resubmit the manuscript and finally his book got published by Doubleday.He accepted $2500 advance for his first novel.

So it doesn’t matter how many rejections you face in life,keep moving,stay happy and never give up.Trust yourself,you can😉.


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