My eyes always search for you,
My heart always beats for you,
My tears always fall for you,
Do you need me the way I need you?
Can I love you?

My ears listen your silence,
My sadness care about your happiness,
My soul feels your presence,
Can I know why this happens?
Can I love you?

Raghav a smiling boy


People always say never judge anyone,judge less and love more but see how people judged Raghav though he never explained the reason behind his fake smile to anyone and keep suffering in silence.

The story begins when he was just 6 years old.His father Anil was a poor farmer and not have enough money to fulfill even his family basic necessities.Though he had full support of his wife Neha.’When a man love a woman she became his weakness and when a women love man he becomes her strength’.Neha knew that her husband and family was in a great trouble.So she decided to sell her jewellery and then she clear all the debts taken by his husband Anil.Everything was fine now.

Now Raghav is 15 years old and studying in a well known school.Suddenly his father died.The grief of his father’s death was killing him inside and he was completely broked and emotionally damaged but he was smiling not for himself but for his mother,friends and for others because he think that smile is contagious.One day his class teacher called him and asked a simple question.Who is the father of the modern cartoon?He didn’t knew the answer and replied I don’t know sir.Then sir said him that “you don’t know but everyone in this school know that you are a modern cartoon who can only enterain others but can’t study but for your kind information William Hogarth was the father of the modern cartoon.What about your father?Tomorrow come with him I want to talk”.Now with whom he will go to school?He left the school and started to work in a cycle repairing shop.After that society started to scold him but still he was humble,kind and never stopped smiling.

He turned 20 years old.In his last 5 years he learnt a lot about life,society and also about himself.Finally he became the person who he have to be.At this stage of life he was happy and again a trouble came in his life this time he lost his mother.She was suffering from cancer but never told his son.Again his life was full of darkness.Now he had no one with him he was alone just like a moon in a darkness.He had seen enough darkness in his life that he felt in love with it and decided to be the moon in someone darkness.He began a startup which help the poor.His soul was his moonlight that’s why he need no one.

There are lots of stars around a moon but someone darkness can only be removed by the moonlight not with the stars.Society and people are like stars with whom one can ask a wish(expecting) but to remove darkness one always need moonlight.

Dear life

Dear life,
I am a human.I have lots of desires.I want luxury life and for that i can sacrifice with my  happiness but can’t sacrifice luxury for happiness.I want lots of things.I have lots of and lots of dreams.I don’t know how to get all but though I know that I will never get this things easily I have to work hard I have to go through all the bullshits that I will do.I have to face all the obstacles.I will struggle but one thing is true that I will never give up.You know what?I have lots of responsibilities and have to save every relationship.Why?I don’t know
When I born parents teach me to walk but why?I never want to know how to walk.I just know I have legs which help me to stand straight that time I never thought with this I will walk and during learning I fallmor many times.After that I learned to run but why?I never want to learn how to run.Maybe walking,running and then learning to eat all this things made me happy that’s why I learned them in childhood.Now what happend why I run for money is that the reason which make me happy?Dear life hope you understand me because I failed to understand you.Whether to run for money to stand on others expectation or should I do what makes me happy?

Jiya(part 2)

….When Jiya invited Ritvik then he said no I can’t come you are so rich and in your birthday party people like me is just like a fly in a coffee sorry.Jiya got angry and slapped him and told him that I don’t care anything you have to come anyway and after that she walked away.He realised that today also she is same the way she was few years ago.It’s evening and somehow he managed the money for her gift and went to the party.But what he saw in party drove him crazy.Actually everyone was searching the cake which was got eaten by Jiya’s cat ‘Piku’.First time anyone has saw this kind of party.Well a new cake was ordered and party begin again.Ritvik was standing alone in a corner with his gift.He didn’t have courage to give that gift to Jiya.Somehow she saw him and went to him.She asked her gift.Ritvik’s was blushed after seeing her.He was hesitating to give that gift.He had bangles which he gave after sometime.Jiya was looking very happy because this was the gift she was expecting.She love bangles.Now the party got over and everyone went to their home.

Next day Jiya’s father asked about Ritvik.She told everything.After listening this her father did an amazing thing.He called Ritvik and gave a job in his company.Slowly slowly growth of company started to increase.Really Ritvik was lucky finally his life has changed anddrnow.all because of Jiya.He decided to propose her.He bought bangles and
this time it was of gold.He called her at a beautiful destination and proposed Jiya.She accepted that proposal and married with each other.

Both were happy with their married life.One day Ritvik went to somewhere and then never came back because Jiya has woke up now.

How was my story?


Jiya a sweet and simple girl who is very intelligent.She has lots of dreams in her life and wanted to fulfill all her dreams.She doesn’t wanted to be rich instead of that she wants to help others,identify their problem and solve them.One day her father Alok Nath Sahay asked her why you are like this?Why don’t you focus on your studies?Why did you talk with the people?Actually her father was talking about the people who lived in slum.She remained quiet and after the end of the father’s lecture she walked away.When she entered in her room she cried a lot her pillow was the proof.Next day when she went for the college again she saw the slum’s people this time she was scared because of father’s lecture though after the end of the college class she purchased some biscuits and gave to the slum’s children’s which she used to do daily.Day by day she got to know a lot about slum.How they live?How tougher their life is?
Now she saw a handsome guy who used to live in slum.She got frightened because for any girl it’s hard for her to talk to a stranger.Jiya thought about him whole day and didn’t slept whole night.Next day she decided to talk to her.Today it was her birthday.Just when she woke up Jiya’s parents wished her happy birthday and decided to have a party in evening.Jiya was looking very happy.She went away for college.After the end of the college classes a boy came to her with a gift.Jiya was shocked because he is the same handsome boy who lived in slum she asked him “who are you?” He replied with a sweet voice “I am Ritvik your school best friend did you remember me?” Oh yeah I got to know you she said happily and hugged him.After a long time two school best friends meet together.Jiya invited him for the party

…….to be continued

Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š

To all my lovely readers/friend/followers a big thanks to all of you.In one week I got lots of likes and comments,hope you all liked to read my posts.By the way I never thought that I will start to blog but I don’t know why my heart said to begin so I am here.People always ask me why i remain so quiet but they don’t know how much naughty and talkative i am only my mother knows that but now you all also came to know this๐Ÿ˜‚.Maybe through blogging my quiet nature will go but i think silence is more beautiful.It create deep connections.

I will try my best to socialise because i am shy too๐Ÿ˜….

Sorry if I did any mistake in my posts.I tried my best to keep them simple as it is.Lots of love to all of you and have a great weekend full of happiness.Stay blessed.Take care

Once again thank you๐Ÿ˜Š

Meeting with an stranger

Sitting on the bench in the park and thinking about the life and seeing the children playing in the park.Suddenly an old man came in front of me and after seeing my smiling face he also smiled back to me.After that I left the park.I thought a lot about him.Next day I again saw him this time he came to me and said ‘I always saw you having a beautiful smile’ deep inside I felt happy because finally I have learnt to hide my pain.That complement was very precious for me.I still remember that 3 years ago I met him first time but he didn’t remember.

This was the 3rd day and today I sat with him and talked a lot.The lessons given by him is unforgettable and valuable.A big thanks to him.

Sometimes god brings strangers in our life who teach us more than we learn from books and the best part when you learn the lesson then the person get disaapeard.They leave but their lessons stay with us forever.

Dear heart

You are so beautiful,you know how to forgive others,how to love others,how to sacrifice with your happiness to make others happy but why the hell you don’t know what to do in life?whom to love?I haven’t met any better idiot than you.Really it’s embrassing I am your owner but I failed to understand you why?Please tell me what to do in life.Kindly help me in finding my passion.I know how to enjoy life but I can’t run away from home.You always say to do that things which are not in my control.Did you imagine who will help my mother in doing home stuffs?No you always think about yourself.Did you cared about me?Nah never.


hope she is fine…

When i was in class 9th i saw a girl who was really beautiful,simple and her smile damn it was enough to kill anyone.I saw her in a shop in evening.She was wearing a green salwar suit.I don’t know,how i get addicted to her… Waiting for her daily in that shop and then seeing with her someone else the most painful moment for me.Though i never stopped waiting for her.After 1-2 year suddenly she gone.Where? I don’t know but now also my habit of waiting for her didn’t changed.Finally she came back after 5 years this time she was looking more beautiful.First time we had an eye contact that was the most beautiful moment of my life.Seriously I realised that I have lost my soul.Being shy I failed to talk to her.Again 1 year passed…one tried to talk and the other never stopped to ignore him.Though my feelings and love didn’t changed.Now again she has gone.I don’t know what to do? My heart still say to wait for her and I can spend my whole life to wait.I am still alive in the hope of being with her but she?Now I just want to heal myself,found myself and chase my dreams.One thing I will never forget and that was her green dress because green colour is the color of nature and growth.

Hope she is fine…..๐Ÿ˜Š