The unforgettable 3 years

When you spend a few years with some people, then it’s impossible to express that time in few lines. But, I want to tell how much they had given me. From surviving college life to living truly and learning to enjoy each and every minute that I had spent with them, it can’t be covered in this post still I will try.

I have seen different hues of life and people too. Most of the people I had met were quite different from me. It was difficult to make a connection, form the bond but whatever is meant to happen, it always happens.

It all begins with a failure and then I had no idea what to do. Somehow my parents suggested to do a course and I knew nothing about that. Today, I think because of that one wrong decision, I have the right people in my life.

That first class in which one of my college Sir told us to tell about “my idol.” I was like how can I do so? It’s not my cup of tea. Then the guy sitting behind me saw the paper in which I had written about my idol. He told me to go and speak but I didn’t. Luckily, he was the first friend (Sumit) that I got. My college life was going smoothly after that. I know I was surviving but had no idea of what to do. Then I met her, damn the stupidest girl of the class. But I don’t want to talk about her. She can ruin every beautiful thing with her ego and stupidity.

How can I forget that guy (Shuvam) who has experienced the pain of love? Seeing him cry in front of us, it was a shocking moment for me. He is the one who deserves all the credit to create such a bond among us. There is something special in him.

Another guy named Ankit, he needs no introduction. Every one of us knows how he will rock in the college. He is the one with a handsome personality who can flatter any girl.

Ravi, Naveen, Piyush, and many more names are that touched my heart and I would love to keep them forever there. They are the ones who taught me the real meaning of friendship.

Coming to my 1st year exam, it was close and I didn’t know what will I write in the exam. Somehow, I passed and literally I was disappointed. Because I knew I deserve more than that. Negative emotions were still heavy on me. It was influencing my life badly. But I had begun a new journey of earning. And the first earning was of 121-/ which I donated to feed orphans. Apart from that, I wasn’t learning anything in the college except running away from the melancholic guy (myself). While I was dealing with all these, I was also meeting new people to open myself. But, my silent nature wasn’t allowing me to do so. Although I shared my situation with strangers all they can do is to give me advice. I needed a shoulder to cry not advice.

When the second year of the college begins, mostly I used to sit in the home. Because coming to college was a tough job. Sometimes I used to cry while sitting on the last bench.

“I know a bond exists but I wasn’t able to figure out.”

2nd-year exam came, I happily ruined the first paper. Now I was aware of my interests and passion. It doesn’t matter how my exam was going, I was happy. Now the only thing mattered to me is to achieve what I want in life. I know there is a chance of getting a back and I am ready for it. I had lost that melancholic guy so nothing is impossible for me. Only last year exam is left. College is already over. Let’s see how far our friendship will go.

I wish them a lot of happiness and grand success in their life and to my fellow WordPress bloggers, I am sorry for being absent but now I will try to be active.

©The Labyrinth

Why A High IQ Doesn’t Always Equal Good Affable Leadership!


2018 Sundance Film Festival - "A Kid Like Jake" Portrait Session, Park City, USA - 21 Jan 2018

Why A High IQ Doesn’t Always Equal Good Affable Leadership!

If anything a high IQ can actually be a hinderance to effective leadership IF not complemented with other qualities such as friendly charisma, natural agreeableness and an ability to laugh at oneself.

Intelligence AND An Agreeable Personality go hand in hand to produce great leadership skills, but Intelligence And Personality don’t always accompany one another for a whole range of reasons. It has been found widely in the corporate world that a marginally higher IQ can naturally be a huge benefit in leadership, but once this IQ reaches the next median level on the chart, this high IQ works against a healthy leadership. Thus this revelation can be completely ignored if an exceptional high IQ is ‘equally’ matched with some of the before mentioned ‘other human traits’, not to mention a good well observed EQ.

EQ – Emotional Quotient/Emotional Intelligence:

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When happiness feels forlorn

Maybe happiness is forlorn so it made that poor child his companion.

Once happiness visited a rich family. It saw that every family member was busy somewhere. Technology was feeling superior. Money was supporting too. Finally, happiness decided that it can’t live there anymore. Before leaving, it left a letter.

Dear family,

I am glad to spend time with you when you were helpless and needed a reason to live. Now, I think you don’t need me so I am leaving. Hope you people will be fine without me.



©Paradoxical Introvert

Forget Hackers And Cyberwarfare, Rising Sea Levels Could Pose The Biggest Threat To The Internet


Forget about Internet on Mars and Li-Fi, the Internet we rely on to run our hospitals, feed our cities, tweet celebrities, and watch animals do stupid things here on Earth could be at risk – and rising sea levels are to blame.

The Internet relies on a large physical network combining colossal data centers and thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cable buried underground. If this was to somehow falter (whether through cyberwarfare, space weather, or climate change), things could get bad pretty quick.

As a recent peer-reviewed study highlights, this infrastructure (the so-called “physical Internet”) is not currently built to withstand significant changes in sea level. Even more worryingly, we could see the consequences of this as soon as 2033.

Quite a bit of this framework is covered and takes after since quite a while ago settled privileges of way, ordinarily paralleling thruways and coastlines, Paul Barford, a…

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I Am Just A Mother………….

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Related image

-I teach a child to read to school, I’m called a Teacher. But if I teach my child to read stories and tales at home, then I’m just a Mother.

-If I plan lessons for a class, I’m called a Curriculum Coordinator. But if I educate my child at home, then I’m just a Mother.

-If I sit and talk to children an hour each, a week, addressing their needs, I’m a Speech Therapist.  But if I engage and help my child with patience every minute of every day, instill proper values, then I’m just a Mother.   

-If I look after a patient in the hospital, I’m called a Nurse. But, if I nurse child when they are ill, stay awake all night, none able to replace my reassuring presence, then I’m just a Mother.

-If I manage my boss’s office, I’m called a…

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Ballad of the Forest


Daily Prompt: Forest

Canopies that hide songs,

Carpets that pervade miles,

Barks that crunch footsteps,

And roars that split asunder,

Cracks in the prism,

Flame-quenched oceans,

Parched nomads,

And withered terrains.

Forests of the wild,

A Schrodinger’s cat,

Alive yet dead.

Miles across,

With glittering ensemble,

And swirling smoke,

Tiles that crunch footsteps,

And breaths that steal life.

Cracks in the prism,

Icy gusts that seep in cold,

Parched throats,

And wrinkled souls.

Forests of cement,

A Pandora’s box,

Brewing troubles with hope.

Forests close,

Forests far,

Forests Wild and docile,

Stay, don’t wander,

Be life for the other,

An eye for an eye,

Might make the whole world blind,

Yet a hand held in another,

Might help cross the road

So be that hand, be that bridge

Be the forest that stays.

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The Rich Man and The Poor Man


He lived a palatial life
Upon the precipice of the mountain
Yet he still wanted a new palace
And a new beautiful fountain

Another man lived a happy life
On the sides of the streets
There was never enough food
And nothing could protect him from the heat

One man had everything
While another had nothing
One complaint about having more
While one was blithe and singing

The rich man had more than the man from the streets
Yet he still whined for his wealth to increase​

The rich man was strolling down the street one day
Having panache in his steps
And then he saw the poor man sitting
Right next to the bay

He went past him without saying a hello
But the poor man didn’t mind
Instead, he gave him a smile and said
“It is a nice day, isn’t it?” With a face oozing kind


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Words by her soul

Wailed,yelled,cried loudly as I can,
wrap me in your arms mumma,
my soul still cry with pain.
How so brutal they can be?
please ask them once abbu,
far from you all,
I went,
still I need you.
Whom should I blame?
religion or them
or myself,for being a girl?
Ask this questions from,
who call them as humans.
Me, not a human anymore,
but will never forget what they did.
Again it will not happen with someone’s her,that’s what I wish

~Asifa Bano

We are sorry Asifa.

I think being a human is worst, humanity doesn’t exist anymore.

©Paradoxical Introvert

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